We not only specialise and train Athletes for sports but, majority of the Athletes we have in our care are either injured or recovering from surgeries for a serious injury. 

Our trainers have worked and trained different Athletes in a wide range of injuries but, the most common are ACL injuries.

We work hard to provide and create a safe training environment especially for our injured Athletes that allows them to work on their Prehab or Rehab in order to get back to the game they love.

We not only just work on an injured Athlete's physical side but, we also have to work hard to mentally prepare them for the journey they have to endure. Mental is the hardest area we struggle with when it comes to an injured Athlete however, with our system and committed trainers we have enough experience with few serious injured Athletes to understand how to deal with doubts and defeated mentality.

A Physiotherapy Clinic we highly recommend all of our Athletes to go to is The Johnsonville Physiotherapy Centre.

The amazing Physiotherapists, Sharon Gold & Holly Boyd, are some of the best and experts in their field especially, with ACL injuries.

You can check out more information about them below,

Our trainers work closely with different experts and Physiotherapist who advice and work with us to create the best programme for an injured Athlete. We will never take any Athlete regardless if they are injured or not, through an exercise or training that will cause any harm to them. With injured Athletes, we will always consult with their Physiotherapist on their progress and how far we can push them before we start training them.



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