Helping to develop and achieve a champion mentality among young and even Elite Athletes is the hardest part of our job.

We believe that there are many Athletes that can rack up “cool” stats but that doesn’t necessarily make them a Champion.

The key difference is their Mindset. 


The pillar for Mindset focuses on helping Athletes build and gain confidence in their training to push past their limits and expectations. When comparing all of our top CAP Athletes that have become champions or reach that level of professional in their chosen sport, they all possessed three similar traits that helped them reach the top.

They are;


Appreciation for Competition

An understanding that winning and losing go hand in hand.

Using these three traits we have created four areas that we will focus on when trying to build an Athlete's mindset to reach that champion mentally.

They are;


Understanding their “WHY?” and the goals they are hoping to achieve during their time with us as well as long term goals for the sport they are training for.


Teaching them how to mentally prepare themselves before a game or trial. Getting them to understand their game so they are not leaving that court/field with the feeling that they haven’t given everything they had.


Studies shows that its takes 66 Days for you to create a good habit. We encourage and push our Athletes to all pick a good habit that they can stick to in order to start building that discipline and structure to their everyday life.


We try and teach our Athletes how to overcome losses as well as how to rebuild their mindset after a win. Reflection is important as many will look to using Regrets instead.

“There are a few undeniable components for being a champion. You need good coaching, strong teammates, a little genetic luck, and most of all, work ethic.”