What an Athlete puts in their body is just as important as what they do on the outside of their body.

A growing Athlete needs to create good eating habits from a young age so they are understanding what their body needs and what their body doesn’t need when they are trying to perform at 100%. Nutrition is also the key to proper recovery and helping you body come back from a hard training session or game.At CAP we try to educate and teach our Athletes the importance of fueling their body before and after a training/game session. 

This is through getting them to understand their macronutrients, micro nutrients, being consistent and knowing how to balance their diet.

At CAP we will do their body measurements and calculate their body fat percentage to determine how much muscle percentage is on their body. From there, we determine and create the type of diet is best for their body and sports goals.

Example, we have found that majority of our Basketball Athletes are not eating enough calories and protein to maintain muscle mass on their body frame. We work with majority of them to try and bulk and build size across their body to create a stronger and more stable frame for them to last during the season.