Many Athletes take their recovery time for granted and only realise it’s importance when it's too late.

At CAP we teach and educate all of our Athletes how to recover and heal their body properly between sessions or leading up to a big game or trial. This will also be a balance of exercises and the food they are eating after sessions. 

We teach our Athletes how to reset their bodies after a long and hard session or from a long tournament. This is achieved using different Active Recovery sessions such as, the pools. Other methods we use is proper stretching exercises and tools to allow for their body to relax and get as much tension released from their tired muscles. We also invest in different massage tools such as massage guns and recovery boots to better assist our Athletes when it comes to having access to the best recovery equipment they can use.

We will also work with our Athletes when it comes to eating the right kind of food before and after training to decrease recovery time and help to keep their body healthy and strong. We also encourage proper sleeping patterns and rests between sessions or games.

At CAP, it's about encouraging good habits and gaining a better understanding of how to look after your body as an Athlete so, you give yourself the best chance in your trainings and games.