As per the government mandate, all Athletes and parents/guardians wanting to train or use CAP services on location or facilities under the government's new COVID Protection Framework, must be fully vaccinated. This will mean we will need to pre-verify your vaccine pass ahead of new sessions or camps/clinics. Verification only needs to happen one time and then you may come and go freely without having to show your pass each visit. 

What will this mean for Athletes we train on location:

- We will need all vaccination passports to be sent to us from all Athletes training under CAP before Thursday 2nd December. We will not be able to train Athletes who are not vaccinated from Friday 3rd December. Please if you can send these through before this date, it will make the transition for us easier. We will just need a screenshot or if an Athlete is unable to get a vaccination passport due to ID issues, we can accept a photo of their vaccination card showcasing their double vaccination shots. All of this information will be kept confidential with the rest of the information we have in our system.


- These vaccination passports and cards will also need to be shown when asked at the 24/7 Fitness Gym.


- Athletes will need to wear their masks around the gym when not training. They will not need to wear one when training.


- Follow all rules and regulations required at all 24/7 Fitness Gym facilities as well as our upstairs set up. 



- We will also need to see all vaccination passports from all parents entering to all our training sessions or facilities.


- Anyone attending sessions or entering facilities will also need to show their vaccination passport (exemption for younger children).


- You will also need to wear a mask when attending all sessions or entering facilities.


You can find more information about COVID procedures for public facilities here-


Athletes who are not vaccinated:

- We have the option of transitioning all Athletes who are not vaccinated to online training. This is the only option we can offer at the moment and something we are willing to work with those that would like to still train with us but not be vaccinated. Please do let us know if this is something you would like to start up instead.


CAP Staff:

- All CAP Staff will also be fully vaccinated. We will do our best to follow all guidelines and rules during sessions to keep everyone safe.


We respect everyone's freedom to choose to be vaccinated or not as we all have our reasons which we will never judge any individual for. However, we as a business also need to make the choice to be vaccinated to be able to freely train and help others without the restrictions as well as providing the best and a safe environment for everyone we look after under our care.

We are thankful for all of the Athletes we have had the privilege to look after and train and we know that this new system and our choice to be a vaccinated business will affect our training with some of you however, we will always be willing to do what we can with those that are affected to make this transition less painful and easy for everyone.

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